About Us



A voice of optimism in a time of upheaval, The Economic Standard is dedicated to clear, compelling debate about the best way forward. We strive to promote policies that will encourage economic growth while respecting individual freedom, protecting the environment, and fostering social mobility and cohesion.


Developed countries are at a crossroads, as populist movements demand radical change. While some proposals are reasonable, many threaten the fundamental market principles underpinning personal freedom and long-term economic growth. At the same time, governments risk adopting anti-market policies as they seek to outflank populist challengers.


We believe that successfully addressing populist grievances requires spreading prosperity through self-sustaining, market-strengthening mechanisms—not doubling down on the failed interventions of yesteryear.


With this in mind, we’ve created The Economic Standard to provide a new forum devoted exclusively to substantive debate and analysis of policy issues, from all perspectives, and within the context of the broader economy.


Erik Sass