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It was tempting to write “six easy steps” but that would be grossly inaccurate.  Nonetheless the rapid rise of digital technology hold out the promise of improvements in healthcare provision that were unimaginable even a decade ago, writes Novartis head of global health and corporate responsibility Patrice Matchaba in a new post for the World Economic Forum blog. Matchaba presents six points comprising a “comprehensive, systematic approach based on the principles of sustainability, equity and inclusion,” emphasizing local control and insight.  These include:


  • Strengthen capacity for conducting basic research and clinical trials in Africa.



  • Creation of centers of excellence at the national and regional levels.



  • Streamlining approval and procurement of new medicines through regulatory harmonization.



  • New technologies to tackle supply chain challenges.



  • Formulating high-level strategies to guide investments in digital technology.



  • Suppliers of drugs and medical equipment can incorporate these measures to widen access into their own programmes, with Matchaba recommending Novartis Access Principles as a useful model.