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Climate change policies designed to reduce and eliminate carbon dioxide emissions are causing chaos and falling living standards around the world.   Moves to ban fertilizers, for example, recently caused a famine in Sri Lanka that collapsed  that country’s government. Those same policies have ignited massive and growing farmer protests in the Netherlands. Two such climate policies include Net Zero 50 – which aims to eliminate co2 emissions by 2050 – and a green social credit scheme which scores corporations highly for moving away from fossil fuels referred to as ESG (Environmental Social Governance).   The Trudeau government has made climate change its highest priority and is now proceeding to impose fertilizer bans on Canada’s farmers.

ESG and Net Zero policies are ultimately an attack on cheap, effective energy sources that will degrade everybody’s living standards by profoundly raising costs across Canadian industry including energy, manufacturing, agriculture, mining and financial services to name a few.

What are the essentials you need to understand about these policies and their far-reaching impacts?  What is the history behind them and their relationships to other nations?  Who are the key actors so intent on pursuing them and why are they promoting them despite their disastrous impacts on working people?  We will explore why  Canadians need to be more concerned about these harmful anti-energy policies.   More importantly we will discuss how elected officials and decision-makers can stop and reverse them.

Join us for this extraordinary discussion with one of the world’s leading experts on combatting the policies of Net-Zero and ESG that are systematically undermining our economic future and way of life.

Our Guest : Hon. Bette Grande

The Hon. Bette Grande, CEO and President of the Roughrider Policy Institute and a leader at the Heartland Institute is our guest.  She served eighteen years as a Member of the House of Representatives in the State of North Dakota for the 41st district and has chaired numerous policy and research initiatives across the United States including those on understanding and dealing with the policies of net-zero and ESG.  Bette has also served as chair of the energy division of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force.