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The inhabitants of rich countries talk a good game on the environment, but it’s rather a different story when it comes to their own personal preferences and behaviors. On that note, while a large number of Germans profess to be concerned about the environment, they are strangely unmoved by the promise of electric vehicles, notes Brian Parkin, writing for Bloomberg. In fact, less than one in six would even consider buying an electric car for their next vehicle purchase — putting them right around the proportion of Americans considering the same.



  • Overall just 16% of Germans would consider buying an electric vehicle for their next purchase, according to Parkin, citing a poll by EON SE, a utility service. Of their European counterparts, only the Czechs registered less interest in electric vehicles.



  • The lack of interest is clearly reflected in the low number of electric cars already on the road — just 420,000 out of a total 47 million private cars.  That’s less than 1% (0.89% to be precise).



  • Admittedly, this may be due to the lack of infrastructure supporting electric vehicles, especially the all-important charging stations: there are just 17,400 total, which works out to about one for every 37 kilometers of roadway.



  • Cost is another big reason, with a price tag of around $40,000 for VW’s new flagship electric car, the E-Golf.



  • Americans are even more skeptical: according to the AAA, around 40 million Americans said they would consider an electric car for their next vehicle purchase, or 12% of the population.  AAA also notes that electric cars made up just 5% of new vehicle purchases last year.