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Just because something is disgusting doesn’t mean it’s not good for the environment, and vice versa. To this interesting category we may add environmentally friendly airplanes fueled by “meat waste,” as well as other nontraditional combustibles such as used cooking oil. Reuters reports on some of the more exotic new technologies on display at the National Business Aviation Association’s exhibition in Las Vegas, all part of a big push to reposition private jets for the eco-conscious age. 



  • Five private jets built by Gulfstream on display at the NBAA show use fuel produced in California from “inedible beef tallow.” Bryan Sherbacow, chief commercial officer of Boston-based biofuel producer World Energy, tells Reuters fuels can also be produced from “fats, grease and oils that are byproducts of the food industry.”



  • World Energy currently produces 40 million gallons of biofuel a year, but could expand production up to 150 million gallons by 2022.



  • The new fuels are intended in part to help push back against “flight shaming,” in which individuals who fly frequently are publicly vilified for their carbon emissions, for example when Prince Harry was shamed for his use of a private jet.



  • Bombardier Aviation President David Coleal told Reuters: “Incidents of flight shaming involving the use of private jets are unfortunate when you consider that our industry has delivered fuel efficiency improvements of 40% over the past 40 years.”