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They always said it was the sensible one — no more!  The UK’s whacky spin round the political bend continues, with all all manner of unprecedented nonsense threatening to undermine its unwritten constitution, and the continued volatility is causing its interlocutors in Brussels to give up hope of a Brexit deal by the current October 31 deadline — or perhaps ever. That’s according to Politico, citing sources who opted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons (no one wants to be blamed for setting up the twitchy Brits again, after all). No surprise, much of the criticism centers on the personality and character, such as it is, of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has vowed to leave the EU no matter what on October 31, but whose hands have been effectively tied by a parliamentary rebellion provoked by his attempt to sideline Parliament for five weeks through prorogation, now declared illegal by the UK Supreme Court. But concern also extends to the institutions themselves, as the UK seems to be drifting towards ungovernability.



  • One senior EU diplomat tells Politico: “Boris is lying all the time, I don’t think there’s anyone around left who trusts him.” Contrasting Johnson with his hapless predecessor Theresa May, the diplomat said: “No one thought of her as a clown.”



  • More ominously another diplomat tells Politico that “the political system has run itself into the ground,” while a third points out the obvious: “The system is clearly under stress.”



  • And don’t hold your breath for a deal at the upcoming European Council meeting, the first nameless diplomat warns: “Johnson will make a fiasco at the European Council.”