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This may come as a surprise to, well, no one at all: Europeans still hold the distinction of being the world’s biggest consumers of alcohol, although consumption patterns vary widely across the continent. Also no surprise, there are major health consequences for all those over-indulgent Europeans, according to EU Observer, which cites a WHO report showing that alcohol-related ailments are a leading cause of death — although again there was wide variation between national trends.


  • Across the continent, European adults drink an average of two bottles of wine a week. Further 30.4% of Europeans reported drinking more than 60 grams of alcohol on at least one occasion in the previous 30 days.  Total consumption was 11.3 liters of pure alcohol per capita. That’s almost double the global average.



  • European men drink four times as much as women, on average, with the biggest gender disparities seen in young adults and seniors. Overall European men drink 18.3 liters of pure alcohol a year, versus 4.7 liters for women.



  • In 2016, alcohol killed 291,000 people across Europe, equivalent to 5.5% of all deaths.  Of these, 76.4% attributable to alcohol-related disease and most of the rest due to accidents, murder and suicide. In the UK, 50% of all public violence was alcohol-related.



  • Lower-income Europeans were three times more likely to die from alcohol-related causes than their higher-income counterparts.



  • Across the continent per capita alcohol consumption remained essentially unchanged 2010-2016.