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By Andy Blom, TES Contributor



Wow! Everybody was unhappy last week in Washington. The much hoped for Mueller testimony blew up in the Democrats face while Conservatives got served a budget and spending bill they hate…which will keep the Government open until after the election. Maybe we were doing better with the Do-Nothing Congress. Meanwhile, free market conservatives continue advancing ideas and legislation to move America forward.. Here’s a roundup of last week’s activity in Washington…



Stopping ‘Child Recycling’ at the Border. Congressman Lance Gooden (Texas 5, R) has introduced The End Child Trafficking Act to stop recycling of immigrant children at the border. Recycling happens when immigrant children are paired with unknown adults to pose as a fraudulent family and claim family-based asylum. Gooden’s Bill would require DNA tests, sentence alien adults who participate in child recycling and treat the child as an unaccompanied alien minor. See more at the Congressman’s website,



Potential Good News Protecting Creative Rights. James Edwards tells us of bipartisan legislation (S. 1273, H.R. 2426) in the House and Senate that would set up a small-claims process in the Copyright Office. The cost of copyright litigation is often prohibitive for your average photographer, songwriter or graphic artist. This legislation would finally protect the little guy and affirm property rights. Read about it at



Keeping Government Out of Drug Price Fixing. A wave of bad ideas for Government involvement is threatening the medical sector. Caught in a push to alleviate costs for consumers, various Government proposals are leaning towards European style drug price fixing that would seriously hamper America’s global lead in pharmaceutical research, innovation and production. Get a primer on this complicated issue at



More on Government and Healthcare. Will a proposed ‘inflationary penalty’ reduce drug prices in Medicare Part D? Will it have a negative inpact on property rights? Studies show 85% of seniors are satisfied with their Part D coverage and 81% regard their drug plan as a good value. Is this likely to be improved by introducing Government efficiency? Will innovation and competition benefit from Government price controls? Check out




The Next Powerful Voting Block is…Mom? Amazingly, the majority of conservative women in America not only don’t vote, they aren’t even registered to vote. Moms for America, a new organization, is out to fix that, with an aggressive, multi-layered campaign. Moms for America tested their program in five congressional races in 2018 and won them all. Learn more at Look them up on Facebook. And don’t forget to tell your mom.



Microsoft: Helping the Military Community. Too few of us are aware of the significant effort Microsoft makes in helping our veterans and the military community find opportunities in the digital economy. The Microsoft Software and Systems Academy trains and educates up to 1,000 students each year, works with nearly 500 hiring partner companies and also runs a Military Spouse Technology Academy and YouthSpark youth programs for military dependents. So the next time your computer makes you crazy check out and maybe you’ll feel a little more forgiving.



A Taxpayer Win Over Public Sector Unions. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has handed the Trump Administration and the American Taxpayer a big win over Government Unions. The Curt upheld President Trump’s Executive Order sharply curtailing a wasteful practice known as “official time”. Briefly, “official time” allowed Federal employees to do union business instead of their actual job during regular working hours, while still being paid their regular wage. Big deal? Yes. The Office of Personnel Management found in 2016 Federal employees spent a combined 3.6 million hours on union business during the workday. 3.6 million hours! Read more at



Upcoming events:

  • 10th ANNUAL SUMMER SOIREE, Mary’s Shelter, Fredericksburg, VA. August 3. No cost to attend. Info at
  • COSM, A National Technology Summit Presented by Discovery Institute. October 23-25, Seattle, WA. Info at



Short Takes:



Even More Government and Healthcare: Drug Approval. As Government interference in drug pricing is being considered, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University has released a research study on Pharmaceutical Development and the Approval Process: How FDA Review Times Affect Drug Company Decision Making. Addressing key issues including the approval balancing act of speed vs. safety; firms sensitivity to regulatory delay and the potential benefits of reduced review times, Mercatus raises important questions on the topic of drug review and introduction.



Fighting the ‘Non-Citizen’ Vote. Movements in Florida and Alabama are working to amend state constitutions to read that only U.S. citizens are allowed to vote in elections. While the United States’ Constitution guarantees citizens the right to vote, nowhere does it explicitly state that only U.S. citizens are entitled to vote. The movement is spreading to ensure the integrity of the ballot box.



Working for International Adoption. The Coalition for the Human Rights of Unplanned Children is seeking legislation that would require the State Department to include violations of unplanned children’s rights in its Annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. This simple action could help return U.S. international adoptions to their previous levels and aid some of the 10-14 million institutionalized unplanned children overseas. More at:



Be On the Lookout…Chris Jacobs has authored a needed, comprehensive look at one of the critical issues of the time. The Case Against Single Payer has already received high praise from Dr. Arthur Laffler, Fmr Speaker Newt Gingrich, Sen Mike Lee, Gov. Bobby Jindal and Sen Jim DeMint. Purchase and download the E-Book now from Amazon or preorder for shipment in September.



Don’t Forget: NATIONAL FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN is holding their 40th Biennial Convention, September 26 – 29 in Indianapolis. The NFRW Convention will bring together nearly 1,300 women who are political and business leaders in their communities and states. For Exhibitor Opportunities and/or Program Advertising, contact Lucy Powers at



Plan Ahead: Austrian Economics Center, Hayek Institut, and Fundacion Internacional Bases, are organizing a conference with top tier intellectual contributors on the subject, Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century, November 13-14, Vienna, Austria. Web site.



Andy Blom is a senior policy and political writer, strategist, analyst and activist.