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“Five Lessons for Aspiring Female Scientists”


“STEM students will not only shape the world of tomorrow, they will occupy the heights of a digital economy characterized by ever-greater complexity, wielding enormous power through the knowledge and systems they create,” observers Marina Bacac, head of the Cancer Immunotherapy Departments at Roche Pharma Research & Early Development (pRED). That’s why she wants more women to consider STEM careers, and with International Women’s Day coming up on March 8, Bacac takes a look at the lessons of her career for younger, aspiring female scientists in a commentary for Real Clear Science


Unfortunately the STEM landscape remains skewed when it comes to gender: Bacac observes that, “Globally less than 30% of researchers are women, and just 11% of senior research roles in Europe are held by women.” However the proportion of women in STEM fields are increasing, and Baca advises current and potential STEM candidates to:


1. Let your curiosity drive you.

2. Nurture an independent mindset. 

3. Be resilient. 

4. Build teams. 

5. Learn to build bridges with researchers at other institutions. 


Click here to read the full commentary.