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The straw-haired aspiring Churchill isn’t just the rumbustious buffoon he’s often made out to be (although he is that too, oh yes... and some would have you believe he is a threat to the UK’s constitutional order for having the Queen dismiss parliament to get it out of the way during the final Brexit countdown, but anyway). The other side of Bojo – the canny political operator, who has wriggled unelected into the top spot and immediately conducted the most sweeping cabinet purge in modern history, seemingly with relish – is preparing for the next parliamentary election campaign with a hard-eyed look at the polls and a number of promises to keep, hopefully as cinematically as possible.



  • Leading up his domestic agenda is a promised big top up for British schools, with a £14.5 billion spending increase spread out over three years, as detailed in the Financial Times and The Independent. That should increase school funding by £4.6 billion per year above the rate of inflation over this period.



  • Johnson’s proposed spending also includes £700 million for special education for children with needs and disabilities.



  • Counting inflation-indexed spending, total funding for UK schools will increase £7.2 billion to a total £52.2 billion by the 2022-3 school year.



  • Crucially Johnson is also directing dollops of cash to England’s neglected North, including many constituencies which voted Leave in the Brexit referendum – Johnson’s Holy Grail and recently appearing to surpass partisan affiliation or ideology in determining voting preferences.