Posted by on July 17, 2020 12:09 pm
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Ralph Benko, Chairman of The Capitalist League, has a brilliant op-ed in USA Today together with Joan Blades, Co-Founder of Hailing from very different political persuasions, they make a powerful case for putting aside our differences to fight the virus together. 


I, Ralph, the conservative Republican, recognize my adversary Joan’s authentic compassion in holding that without a coordinated response, including government action, to flatten the curve she would have reasonable grounds to fear waves of infections that could overwhelm our medical personnel and capacity, intensifying both loss of life and economic devastation. This is a counsel of practical compassion. Not tyranny. 


I, Joan, the progressive Democrat, recognize my adversary Ralph’s heartfelt concern that an overbearing, “one-size-fits-all,” quarantine can produce an unacceptable level of economic agony, especially among members of the working class. Not everyone has sufficient resources, nor is the government capable of indefinitely funding an economy many times larger than the resources it can responsibly command. This is a counsel of practical compassion. Not callousness. 


It’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Read the whole thing