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Responding to pressure from the Democratic Party’s leftwing, Nancy Pelosi has called for “Medicare for all,” as demanded by Bernie Sanders and dutifully parroted by his rivals as part of the party’s primaries. But the plan is a classic “Trojan Horse,” Steve Forbes argues, built with an eye to establishing socialized medicine in the form of a single-payer system. According to Forbes, Pelosi’s true plan is to triangulate (surprise) offering her program as a compromise between wavering Republicans and zealous Democrats.



  • The big triangulated compromise plan Forbes foresees Pelosi pushing includes “inflation caps, foreign indexing, government arbitration, and other socialist-style price-setting schemes.”



  • Only a few problems, of course: “Inflation caps would impose penalty taxes triggered by arbitrary rules measuring drug prices against the rate of inflation, ignoring natural market forces and upending Medicare Part D’s solid track record of making prescriptions more affordable for seniors.”



  • Among the likely casualties: “Medicare-for-all would wipe out the entire American insurance industry, taking with it all exchange plans and all employer and union-provided health care coverage. Half a million U.S. jobs would be eliminated.”