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The Pentagon is the latest to join the potentially Quixotic fight against Fake News, according to Bloomberg, which reports that weird, wacky DARPA is gearing up to somehow combat the dismal tide of disinformation enabled by digital media. Good luck to all involved!  



  • The new program is intended to combat “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks,” according to Bloomberg, presumably the only kind of automated disinformation attacks worth staging. 



  • The project is focused on the terrifying reality (and even more terrifying threat) of “Deep Fakes,” as documented by TES GeoPolicy Editor Dan McGroarty, referring to apparently fully realized video and audio fakery intended to incriminate, disinform and disorientate. 



  • DARPA’s new initiative is likely the result of political pressure, as it follows allegations of substantial Russian report for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, including fake social media sites and ads. 



  • Commenting on a deep fake video of Nancy Pelosi, Bloomberg quotes Syracuse University prof Jennifer Grygiel: “Researchers can already produce convincing fake videos, generate persuasively realistic text, and deploy chatbots to interact with people. Imagine the potential persuasive impact on vulnerable people that integrating these technologies could have: an interactive deepfake of an influential person engaged in AI-directed propaganda on a bot-to-person basis.”


  • In conclusion: thanks technology!