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Artificial meat, referring to protein grown from animal cells in laboratories, has obvious attractions for rich, high-tech places without much land for raising livestock. No surprise, then, that Singapore is one of the countries most interested in developing facilities for growing artificial meat on an industrial scale, per Bloomberg, reporting on the progress of yet another lab-grown meat company, Just Inc.



  • The Just Inc. product featured is a fairly pricey faux chicken nugget, costing $50 per order at current level of production — but that price could come down dramatically when the company scales up production.



  • Currently Just Inc. produces the faux chicken protein  in “bioreactors” measuring 1,000 liters, but the company envisions production facilities with vessels of up to 250,000 liters.



  • Overall there are at least 26 companies focused on “cellular agriculture,” meaning laboratory-grown meat, according to the Good Food Institute.



  • In addition to Singapore, other small-but-well-off countries interested in lab-grown meat include Israel, the Netherlands, and Japan.  India is also interested, perhaps because of traditional religious strictures against (real) animal protein.