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Washington Beyond The Headlines: Bigger Brother Watching You


By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor

Wow, Afghanistan. A big black eye for the President, a humiliation for our country and a tragedy for those Americans stranded there, the Afghans who helped us and the women of Afghanistan thrust back into the 7th century. Makes our problems in Washington seem tepid. Still, there are some things that need attending to right here and even in August vacation season free market thinkers and doers are working to make America work for you. Here is this week’s somewhat shorter news…

Biden wants a Bigger (and, yes, Badder) IRS. We’ll admit the IRS is not one of our favorite federal agencies. But even pro-IRS folks (if there are any) might question President Biden’s plan to fund gigantic growth at the agency. Pete Sepp (National Taxpayers Union) and Tom Schatz (Citizens Against Government Waste) point out the flaws in Biden’s proposal and show why it won’t be the promised windfall here. 

And Big Brother wants to Watch You Bank. Not only does President Biden want a much bigger and more expensive IRS, he (and all 50 Democrat Senators) want to monitor your banking…not at the current $10,000 deposit limit but all accounts over $600! Now that is all of us and that is invasive! Isabelle Morales of Americans for Tax Reform takes on the Bank Secrecy Act here and we should all be concerned.

Alarmed by the UN Climate Change Report? Don’t Be. The sky may not actually be falling…or freezing…or boiling. Marlo Lewis, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute throws some much needed cold water on the overheated United Nations’ latest alarms. He introduces some inconvenient facts here and provides additional information links.

Today’s Homework: How the CBO would Reduce the Deficit. Ready for a deep dive? Well the Congress of the United States Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has prepared an 88 page report on options to reduce the federal deficit by 2030. Wade through it. Ponder the suggestions. But don’t abandon reality and expect Congress to do anything but add to the deficit at their current pace.


Andresen Blom is a Washington based policy and political analyst and author who has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, and Politico.