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Washington beyond the headlines: DC is a Mess


By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor

Washington is a mess. Congress is immobilized by its search for a Speaker. The Biden Administration is so focused on racial division and special interest groups it appears to have forgotten the average American. Unelected bureaucrats are overwhelming the people with oppressive regulations. And nobody seems to care about inflation’s stranglehold on the American family. The city itself is a war zone with the highest crime rate in the country and an average of 3 carjackings a day…one victim being a member of Congress. 

In spite of this, dedicated Center Right groups and individuals soldier on, fighting the good fight, day after day working to make life better for you. Here’s what they’re working on this week…

Calling a Conservative to Task on Taxes…Matt Gaetz has been much in the news for his actions in removing Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House of Representatives for being insufficiently conservative. But Americans for Tax Reform wants Gaetz to put his money where his mouth is and is running an ad calling for conservatives to “Tell Matt Gaetz to Stop Voting with Democrats, and Cut Spending”. See is here.

Are Our Cities Becoming Unlivable? Maybe Denver Will Get It Right…In a tale of two cities a recent resident tells why the homeless situation prompted his move from Portland, Oregon to Denver and why he thinks there is more hope in his new found home.

Turning Down the Temperature on Climate Change Debate. Alex Epstein, Philosopher and energy expert, brings clarity to energy, environmental, and climate issues. His Energy Talking Points gives thoughtful answers to loaded climate questions…and may make you question some of your own climate change assumptions.

Will Oklahoma Cut Taxes? OK Republican Senators Back Gov. The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs is reporting that Republican State Senators are backing Governor Kevin Stitt’s call for tax reform. Good news for the residents of the Sooner state? We hope everything will soon(er) be OK.

Climate Policy in Europe is a Hot Mess. One Solution? Free the Market. And you think we have a stupid, unworkable energy policy here in the U.S.? Well, yes, we do. But Europe is even worse. Free Market Solutions for 21st Century Problems presents a Brussels Report that details the problems and offers concrete free market solutions. Now if only the powers that be… 

Your Kitchen Table Would Never Let You Get Away With This…Like most Americans we sit down at our kitchen table (figuratively) each month and deal with the family budget. Deal with as in try to find some balance between income and outgo and how to handle the difference responsibly. Now if only our state government did that. Surprise! Some of them do! And no Surprise! Some of them don’t. ATR (Americans for Tax Reform) is here to tell who does, and who doesn’t in a brand new undertaking —THE SUSTAINABLE BUDGET PROJECT. Find out how sustainable your state’s budget is… how it looks for the future…and where you might think of moving…and taking your kitchen table along with you.

Want More Law and Order in Your Law and Order? TAP – The Adams Project – thinks we have drifted from our traditional sense and execution of justice and the justice system. If you think a return to a more constitutional version of law and order is in order, get acquainted at TAP.


TES Editor Andresen Blom is a Washington based policy and political analyst and author who has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, and Politico,