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Washington beyond the headlines: Democrat Civil War?


By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor

Amid cries of division and pledges of “Unity!” the battle for the soul of the Democrat party goes on…and on…and on. Will we ever get to a resolution on the budget busting multi-trillion ‘remake America’ bill? The moderates don’t want to lose their seats in the next election and the progressives don’t want to miss their opportunity to ‘fundamentally remake America and greatly expand the social welfare state’. And then there are Manchin and Sinema, who have everybody buffaloed. It would be fun to watch if the stakes weren’t so high. The stakes? Your tax dollars, your taxes, your freedom from Government interference and your faith in Government. Luckily not everybody in Washington is tied up in that mess. There are other messes, too. Free market thinkers and doers are trying their best to sort them out…

You be the Judge…Comparisons are odious, which is probably why we enjoy them so much. So how do the Biden Administration’s first year judicial appointments  stack up against President Trump’s first year? The Judicial Crisis Network wants you to know and they’ve got the figures right here

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You. We live in a doom and gloom moment in history where conspiracy theories run rampant. That’s probably how you regarded rumors of politicians destroying the suburbs and single family homes. But it’s not all mindless hysteria. Frontiers of Freedom has produced a TV ad on the topic that has gotten serious press coverage. This is specifically about the Virginia Governor’s race but it could be coming to your neighborhood next. Read the story and watch the ad here or here.

Are We Losing Our Minds…Oops, Mines? Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) comes from a key mining area in Minnesota and he is concerned for all of us that the Biden Administration is handicapping America by restricting development of minerals, oil and energy. Stauber argues that self sufficiency in these areas is critical for our national security and for the well being of middle and low income American families. Learn more by digging into the issue of American mining here. And how interested are Americans in oil, mineral and energy self sufficiency? See poll results here.

Pizza has a Month. Grilling has a Month, Humor has a Month…How About Humans? We should all, collectively and individually, count for something…at least as much as a pizza. Edward Hudgins and the Human Achievement Alliance think so. They brought us Human Achievement Day (October 21st – hope you celebrated) and a whole lot more. Take a look here and see just how much we, as humans, have achieved, and what the heck, why not a month?

Only Have a Week? Then Celebrate the Family. Okay, maybe the Family also deserves a National Month, but for over 45 years the week including Thanksgiving has been proclaimed National Family Week. While we wait to see if President Biden will continue the tradition with a proclamation, let’s be thankful for the family and the role it has played in being one of the basic building blocks of the American story. You can learn more about National Family Week here


Andresen Blom is a Washington based policy and political analyst and author who has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, and Politico.