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By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor


The Viral Rollercoaster — We unlock, we lock back down. Cases surge, deaths don’t. Schools to open, schools stay closed. It almost seems like politics and policy is rational and sane in comparison. Well, virus or no, Free Market policy people are working to offer better perspectives and policy options for the problems of the day. Here’s this week’s news …


  • Fighting Discrimination…in School Funding. Ten percent of the nation’s children are educated in private and parochial schools. And 60% of private school children come from low and middle income families. And yet these children, and their schools, are in danger of being left out in the next round of Covid-19 oriented Federal government funding. The recent Espinoza v Montana Board of Revenue Supreme Court decision overturned over 130 years of religious bigotry in Government education funding (read more about that here), but Congress, and the President may still decide to discriminate in the next relief bill. Mario Lopez, President of The Hispanic Leadership Fund makes the case for broader funding here.


  • It’s Not Politics, It’s News…and it Affects Your Future. Americans on both sides of the political/cultural divide may well ask if there is any unbiased news source out there (full disclosure — this column is biased towards free market economics). Acknowledging that, there is a Presidential election creeping up on us and it can be hard to get the facts needed to vote. This video clip may have a POV, but it also has some seriously important information about the economic programs of one of the major candidates. Even if you separate the wheat from the chaff, this particular wheat harvest may be tough to swallow.


  • Can Google Replace Colleges? They’re Working on It. Every parent and student worries about the high cost of college. Google is doing something about it. Recognizing that two-thirds of new jobs created since 2010 require at least mid level digital skill they have created Grow With Google, a massive program to help people of all ages get the digital training and certification necessary to get a good paying job without a college degree. Further, they’re offering 100,000! need-based scholarships towards their certificates, which they recognize as equivalent to a four year degree. There’s lots more good news about this program. Google it, or read it right here.


  • Odds Are, This Would Work:  Saving Nevada. The Silver State is much more than Las Vegas…and it’s up to its neck in financial problems. With a projected 2021 budget shortfall of $1.2 billion and 30% unemployment, the state is on a losing streak. But the Nevada Policy Research Institute is on the job, and they have a blueprint for turning things around.


  • Elections Have Consequences — The Religious Liberty Court. With so much of our time and attention being consumed by the very latest crisis or issue, sometimes it’s healthy to step back and take a look at longer trends. Four years may not seem like a long time (although we now seem to live in a 15 minute news cycle) but an interesting trend has developed in Supreme Court decisions. After decades of sometimes outright hostility to religious liberty, The Supreme Court under Chief Justice Roberts has become the most protective court on religious freedom in its history. Carrie Campbell Severino give the details and looks to the future, reminding us: elections have consequences.


  • Working…There Oughta Be a Law! And there is. A bunch of them in fact. And they affect workers, unions, employers and the rest of us as well. The Institute for the America Worker offers a resource page with backgrounders on 23 key pieces of labor legislation. Union, non-union, gig worker, boss — get it all here.


  • It’s Showtime! “Video Lessons from the Pandemic”. Americans for Prosperity has released a series of six two-minute videos focused on the lessons we’ve learned, the changes we’ve made and the changes we need to make in our healthcare system as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Useful, interesting and easy to watch, and there’s some good news, too! Take a look here.


  • Blowing Our Own Horn. Along with all of the other great stuff in The Economic Standard are two excellent articles particularly worth your time. If you somehow missed them, check out Erick A. Brimen, CEO of Honduras Próspera LLC, writing on why Latin America’s economic security is the fix to America’s immigration issues here. And continuing to emphasize special economic zones, Brimen also points out that they can be key in our trade war with China here. Of course, the rest of the issue is terrific, too.


  • Hands Across the Water…Young Conservatives in the U.S. and Italy Unite. Populist young conservatives in America — The New York Young Republican Club — and populist young conservatives in Italy — Lega Giovani, the youth wing of the Lega party in Italy — have entered into an official agreement of cooperation as the movement of young conservatives continues to grow internationally. The New York Young Republican Club is the largest and oldest young Republican club in the United States.  Lega is the top-polling political party in Italy, espousing a populist-conservative platform. Get the full story and read the official statement. Youth intends to be served.


Andresen Blom is a Washington based policy and political analyst and author who has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, and Politico.