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Washington Beyond The Headlines: Ho Hum, Another Election Day…


By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor

Wow, what a week…an off year election AND a Republican Presidential Debate. You would think we would have time off for good behavior. But not you dear reader. We’re still birddogging those Center/Right folks in Washington who are trying to look out for you. Here’s this week’s news you probably won’t see in the mainstream media… 

Goodbye Seattle, Hello Miami — Bezos Votes with His Feet. Speaking of elections, they have consequences. Washington State elected people who wanted to soak, I mean tax, the rich. So they ended the state’s status as a no income tax state and added a 7% capital gains tax. That is driving Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, all the way to Miami rather than shell out $!5 billion a year. ATR (Americans for Tax Reform) has the juicy details.

Why Not, It Worked Before. Ronald Reagan, love him or hate him, brought an era of growth, relative peace and prosperity to America. The Club for Growth, one of America’s premier economic think tanks, suggests we consider a repeat with Reaganomics for the 21st Centurya comprehensive examination of how Reagan’s four pillars could save America today. Worth your time.

What’s a Parent To Do? It’s Only Their Future. Our children are the victims of a badly failing education system, and far too often parents are left without a solution. The Educational Choice for Children Act, re-introduced in January 2023 seeks to fix that. As of October 17th there are 27 Senate co-sponsors and 128 House co-sponsors, the most congressional support ever for a bill to empower parents with educational choice. Learn more and make your voice heard.

To Improve Children’s Reading Skills Model…Mississippi? You read that right. The much maligned Magnolia State is setting the standard for teaching children to read…so much so that Oklahoma (they’re not OK) is working to catch up. Who’d a thunk it. Well the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs did and published this report.

Scared of AI? Read This…Or Have Your Robot Read It To You. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on everybody’s mind these days. Congress is studying it, President Biden is issuing executive orders on it. The opportunities, as well as the panic and concern, run deep. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has some reasoned and thoughtful Rules for Robots to help guide AI regulation. 

Life Imitates Art…Fighting the Culture War at the Movies. Movies shape us (I still think I am Indiana Jones). Palladium Pictures is helping to shape America’s future storytellers by providing funding, mentorship, and distribution assistance for short films to empower and train the next generation of documentary filmmakers. Necessary? Read this, then learn more here.

Shop Local…And Get the Feds Out. Local employers (your neighborhood small business buddy should come to mind) are suffering from the ill conceived National Labor Relations Board 2023 joint employer rule. The Coalition to Save Local Businesses is working to help. This is one of those seemingly small, under the radar Government regulations that can have big nasty consequences. Pay attention.

Ask Michigan: When Government is Vague and Secretive, It Means More Taxes. So, Growing Michigan Together,  a population growth council formed by Governor Whitmer, appears, from public records requests ands discovered emails, to be a “let’s raise taxes’ council. The Mackinac Center is on the case, shining a light for all Michiganders to see.

That’s all…go rest up. Next week NO elections and NO Presidential Debates. Practically a vacation.


TES Editor Andresen Blom is a Washington based policy and political analyst and author who has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, and Politico,