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By Andy Blom, TES Correspondent


Amidst all of the Coronavirus confusion, hoopla and hysteria, a couple of big questions are emerging: When do we open? Who foots the bill? Serious, and some not so serious, thinkers are putting forth ideas, suggestions, warnings and bulls**t ideas. Will there ever be a normal? (Yes.) Was this all a Government plot? (No.) Will economies ever recover? (Yes.)  Is this the end of capitalism? (Seriously?) And while you are battered with the mind boggling reports coming from every angle, the Senate has returned to work (Hear that Ms. Pelosi?) And hard working free market policy people are looking to help lead us out of this crisis…and some other crises as well…  Read on!


  • States in Crisis…Bailout or Bankrupt? How about ‘No’. $500 Billion. That’s how much Governors have asked for to bailout their states from the economic impact of Covid-19. But not all state economies are the same and the Feds should not be bailing out states for previous poor economic decisions. This is not strictly a red state/blue state issue, but how a state was handling little things that public employee pensions and state budgets does have an impact. Rachel Greszler and Adam N. Michel of The Heritage Foundation’s Center for the Federal Budget take on the issue in The Hill. And for a look at this from the state level perspective Jonathan Williams and Lee Schalk of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a resource particularly focused on aiding state legislators, have this.


  • Is Death for the Elderly Lurking in Joe Biden’s Future Cabinet? Okay, elections have consequences, but who would have thought of this possibility? Ezekiel Emmanuel, a key public health advisor to Presumptive Democrat Nominee Joe Biden, has some very strong views on the value of life in our golden years…and on the provision of care. In the current Covid-19 environment, where older people are considered among the most at risk, and care and medication is stretched to the limit, his positions, and advice to a possible future President, takes on new importance. Edward Hudgins, Ph.D. a Senior Fellow at The Heartland Institute, raises questions here. Perhaps Mr. Emanuel should remember that Vice President Biden is 77.


  • As a Public Service, Not an Ad: Presenting Facebook Messenger Rooms. In this lockdown world staying in touch with friends, family, colleagues, clients, everybody, is more important, and more difficult, than ever. And thank you text and email, but face to face is sometimes everything. Facebook has tumbled onto this and is offering solutions for how to gather electronically in person. You can learn how here.


  • Here’s a Prescription…for our States’ Economic and Healthcare Challenges. The Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force and Center for State Fiscal Reform, arms of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, have focused their state-centric knowledge and expertise on what is necessary to bring states out of the economic and healthcare mess the coronavirus has created. Looking past the theoretical, they have offered specific proposals on how states might move forward here.


  • Government Controlled or Free Market Medicine? Your Future is at Stake. Never let a crisis go to waste. And many on the political left see the current crisis as the opportunity to have government seize control of the American medical and healthcare system. Phil Kerpen, of American Commitment argues that our failures in dealing with Covid-19 are a result of too much Government control and interference, and the solutions lie with free market labs and innovation. He makes his telling argument, and warns of the dangers ahead, here.


  • Don’t Use Uber? It Still Impacts Your Life. From the Scientists (?) at MIT comes a very interesting study on the social impacts of Ridesharing. It turns out that having UberX (for example) come into your community has a far greater impact than how you get to work…or home from an all night binge. Ridesharing affects property values, public transport, and lowers the value of personal vehicles, among pother social impacts. Eye opening research here.


  • How to Address the Covid Crises: State-by-State. The free market think tanks of the State Policy Network are looking at the problems, solutions and opportunities that their individual states face in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. How is your state doing? What should they be doing? What are other states doing better? Take a look at the handy state-by-state guide here. 


  • Take Ohio, for Example. The Buckeye Institute has some specific suggestions on the way to go. Follow their roadmap here. 


  • And, Finally, the Whole Magilla. Everyone, literally everyone, is focused on the pandemic and its many aspects. And there are so many aspects to this crisis. The Mercatus Center has done extensive work on the different parts and has catalogued their efforts at this hub.


Events: Nobody is going out much, check to make sure your event has not been cancelled due to Coronavirus. Many are being live-streamed as an alternative. Hint: You don’t have to wear your mask at a livestream event. Or pants.



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Andresen Blom is a Washington based policy and political analyst and author who has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, and Politico.