By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor

The U.S. is finally leaving Afghanistan — just a decade or two late and with no prospect of lasting peace or stability for that turbulent region. Yet somehow this momentous news pales in comparison to the ongoing drama of COVID-19, now dominated by the discovery of “rare” blood clotting conditions resulting as a side effect of some vaccinations. Will all these reversals and contradictions prompt the public to be more skeptical of public health authorities’ arbitrary rule? We can only hope! Meanwhile we’ll bring you the news from the hard working free market thinkers and doers who are working on policy that might not make the major media headlines…

New York Gets Bailout, So…Let’s Raise Taxes! The State of New York is getting $100 Billion of your tax dollars, courtesy of the Biden Administration’s $1.9 trillion Stimulus Bill. Makes your $1400 check seem puny, doesn’t it? But it’s still not enough for the greedy pols of the Empire State. In spite of experts saying that the bailouts mean no state should need to raise taxes, New York wants to soak businesses and individuals for another $7 Billion. Ouch. Americans for Tax Reform has the 411 on who is going to get hit by the proposed new taxes and what it all might mean. More rich people and businesses moving to Texas and Florida?


The War Over Healthcare. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as Obamacare, remains a center of conflict and controversy 11 years after its passage. Some people are now insured, some people’s premiums went up, some people who liked their healthcare or their doctor couldn’t, in fact, keep them. Now, battle lines are being drawn in the war over Obamacare 2.2021. Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) thinks Republicans have been right on healthcare these eleven years, but it’s time for them to put words into action and become the party of healthcare. And Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) warns that the Democrats are using the Stimulus Bill and behind the scenes manipulations to expand Obamacare and make our healthcare more dependent on Government. You, poor reader are caught in the middle. Or the muddle.


But Not Joe Biden! Premiums went up? Couldn’t keep your doctor? Got hit with brutal taxes? Well, if you had read the law your administration was passing, you would have known how to benefit from it. Like Joe Biden did. The Republican Study Committee has sent a letter to the President about the loophole created in the law that has allowed Biden to avoid paying $500,000 in ACA related taxes. $500,000! Read the sordid details here. 


Who Is Spending Your Tax Money? The USDA? Really? It’s called the Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act and what it is, basically, is a slush fund that the USDA, The Department of Agriculture, spends without congressional approval or oversight. That means the Secretary of Agriculture is spending solely on his own discretion even creating new programs such as those focused on climate change. Daren Bakst and Joshua Sewell expose the program for The Heritage Foundation and call on Congress to take back the spending authority we have granted to them.


Who Is The Club For Growth, And What Do They Do? Maybe you are already familiar with the Club for Growth. If not, you’ve likely heard them murmured about in discussions about the “real power” behind the scenes. Actually, there’s no mystery here and the Club for Growth is very open about their good works. Get to know them here. You might even want to contribute.


Net Neutrality? What About Big Tech Neutrality? It’s complicated, and it’s about to get more so. Under the Trump Administration the Obama-era net neutrality was basically deregulated. None of the predicted disasters occurred, but with a new administration, net neutrality will return. However, in the past the rules only applied to ISPs. In our increasingly complicated and expanded world new ideas and answers may be needed (told you it was complicated). Joel Thayer says what’s needed is a more holistic approach. He calls it ‘Stack Neutrality’ and explains it all in the Washington Examiner.


Sneaking The ‘Green New Deal’ Past Congress. Our leaders wouldn’t do that, would they? Go around our elected representatives to implement their own private agendas through the administrative state without Congressional approval or oversight? Bet your bippy they would, and Government Accountability and Oversight has the emails to expose their nefarious plans. You can read more about the backdoor climate plan here or here.


It’s Only Your Money…Critical Waste Issues for Congress. Every dollar Congress spends they get from you. It’s bad enough when they spend it on policies we disagree with, but what really hurts is when they just plain waste it, through inefficiency, carelessness or stupidity. Well, Citizens Against Government Waste  is looking out for us and calling Congress on their wasteful ways. Their latest effort, Critical Waste Issues for the 117th Congress details 17 policy areas with wasteful, runaway spending. Take a look. The call your Congressman or woman and send them a copy.


It’s The Climate, Stupid. And It Needs 3C’s Solutions. As Congress and the Administration spend our tax money like drunken sailors they next big bucks spending spree seems to be a variation of the Green New Deal. After all, what’s another few trillion aded to the taxpayers’ backs? But C3 Solutions says, hold on a minute.  C3, the Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions, is committed to protecting America’s natural and economic environment. Get to know them from their latest publication as they bring cool heads to a heated issue.


Earmarks — It’s Your Money, But It’s Their Pet Projects. A new Congress can mean new ideas…or the return of some bad old ones…like earmarks. Earmarks are special interests loading up pet projects and the Democrat controlled Congress has decided to bring back 4,350 of them — ten per member. Considered a “gateway drug to overspending” earmarks bring us projects like the famous Alaskan ‘Bridge to Nowhere’. Adam Andrzejweski, Senior Contributor to Forbes, has the whole sad story.


Andresen Blom is a Washington based policy and political analyst and author who has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, and Politico.