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By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor


We all know the bad news – you can take your pick!  So here’s the good news: free market policy people keep right on working through the storm, offering perspective and policy options to lead us to better times. This week’s news …


  • “Fixing” the Police. Some Ideas…In the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death at the hands of a bad cop, there has been a manic rush to redo, downsize or eliminate police forces entirely all across the country. In the midst of this overreaction (a theme this week) some good ideas are surfacing on how policing could be improved in the U.S. David Guenthner of The Mackinac Center calls for better police accountability here while Rachel Greszler of The Heritage Foundation feels the problem lies with police unions. We still feel some of the problem lies with criminals and with over zealous reformers. But if bad cops can be eliminated, let’s do it.


  • Defund the Police? Camden Didn’t. One of the examples held up by reformers who want to entirely ‘Defund the Police’ is the town of Camden, New Jersey. The problem is, that’s not what actually happened in Camden. As usual, the story is a little, well a lot actually, more complicated. Camden reorganized its policing in the face of massive union corruption to get a more effective, and actually larger, police force. Stephen J. K. Walters gives you the whole story in National Review Online.


  • Is Google Biased Against Conservative Sites? Maybe Not, but NBC is. A furor blew up when NBC announced that Google had ‘demonetized’ the Federalist conservative site. Not exactly true. Some of the posts in the Federalist Comments Section were a little (or big) bit out of line and Google felt their advertisers might object. No ads were removed from the rest of the Federalist site and together with Google they straightened it all out. All of which was necessary because NBC promoted the story in an incorrect and (possibly) anti-conservative manner. Read all about it, because sometimes the overreaction masks the truth. For your own protection see the official Google policy here.


  • Teen Vaping…Another Faux Epidemic? Why react rationally and logically when we can, one more time, overreact with passion, emotion and…idiocy? Take teen vaping. Is it sweeping the country? Damaging or killing thousands of teenagers? Leading them down the path to the evils of cigarette smoking? The Competitive Enterprise Institute says NO! And in true Center/Right fashion, they back up their position with facts and reason in an interesting and thoughtful report. Who knows, maybe next we’ll find out it’s not a socially criminal act to drink a martini.


  • Confused by SCOTUS? SCOTUS Appears to be as Well. Many observers found the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, the case that included gender identity under the Civil Rights law, confusing and surprising. While people on both sides of this argument feel strongly about the decision, Justice Neil Gorsuch seems to feel both ways. His decision goes directly against legal principles he himself laid out two short years ago. Carrie Severino discusses Gorsuch’s confusion in the National Review and clarifies the issues in the case.


  • And Finally, Some Virus News: Old People Die. We may never before have had a national crisis with so much information, misinformation and misleading information. It seems almost impossible to know what’s really happening and what’s really true about Covid-19. Fortunately, we have Phil Kerpen, who has become one of the most reliable and knowledgeable sources of Covid-info. That’s the good news. His bad news? It’s a Nursing Home Disease that kills older, vulnerable people. And Phil has the facts and figures to prove it, in his testimony to the House Select Committee on coronavirus and gives the numbers.






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Andresen Blom is a Washington based policy and political analyst and author who has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, and Politico.