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Washington Beyond The Headlines: The End is in Sight


By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor

The end of the year we mean. Congress will shortly toddle home for Christmas, giving us all some much needed relief. The Executive Branch will continue, but slow down, we hope, its regulatory assault on taxpayers. Even the Presidential candidates will begin to fade into the background behind Christmas shopping, bowl games and the NFL’s race to the finish. But…our diligent center/right colleagues in Washington are still trying to keep their eyes on the ball. Here’s what they’ve been doing this week…

ATR Talks Tax in Congress: Growth? Yes! Family? Yes? More Taxes? No! Grover Norquist, President of American for Tax Reform (ATR) testified on taxes in Congress. Don’t worry, he’s got your back. Read his pro growth, pro family testimony here.

Watch This, It Will Make You Feel Good. Your Kids, Too. A free cartoon series that teaches children about American history and values? Yes, please. Well thank the American Cornerstone Institute’s Little Patriots Program. Watch with the whole family, and learn more here.

Stop Rising Taxes? We Are in Congress’s Hands, God Help Us. Peter Roff looks at the economy,  inflation, government spending and says only Congress can protect us from rising taxes. As usual, he’s right on the money, on the money.

More IRS Overreach. The Crypto Grab. Okay, we understand the alleged necessity for reporting financial information to the IRS, but the Biden Administration is being excessively creative, or greedy, in finding new ways to grab your dollars. Even digital assets may not be safe (got an NFT anyone?). Americans for Tax Reform is once again on the case, warning us of the next  IRS money grab.

Pennsylvania Saved from Environmental Disaster. For Now. No, we don’t mean global warming, global cooling or climate change. We mean the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) a scheme to force PA into a regional compact that could increase electric bills 30%. The reprieve could be temporary however. The Commonwealth Foundation has the important details. 

Oh, Brexit Wasn’t the End of the World? Remember Brexit? Remember critics saying England would end up as an isolated, lonely little island cut off from its essential trading partners? Not how that worked out at all. The IEA reports no UK/EU Brexit trade impact, no Brexit trade impact with others…and a whole lot more. Read the full report.

Laboring Under the Biden Administration. NLRB Favors Unions Over Employers and Employees. The National Labor Relations Board is taking very aggressive steps to aid unions in their dealings with both employers and employees. The Center for Independent Employees reports on the latest rule changes  Once more Biden is putting his Administrative thumb on the scale for his buddies (and campaign supporters).

Oklahoma Banned ESG Investment. Disney Proves Them Right. In 2022 Oklahoma banned government from doing business with financial entities that boycott energy investments via so-called “environmental, social, and governance” (ESG) policies that prioritize politics over sound investment strategy. Now new filings by Disney show just how smart the state was in protecting its taxpayers’ investments. Read the good news from the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. 

Conservative? Center/Right? Need Work? Look here: Red Balloon is a new job site that, in their words, lets you “Find a good job, without the woke nonsense.” Good hunting.

Okay, we’ve brought you up to date, given you some good (and bad) news, and helped you find a job. What more could you want?  We’re off to do Christmas shopping, see you next week.


TES Editor Andresen Blom is a Washington based policy and political analyst and author who has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, and Politico,